The Publicity Shy (possibly evil) Machievalian Media Tycoon who owns and controls everything to do with the station. 


Martyn Norris our chief political reporter and news reader (That is his publicity shot, obviously).

Martyn from Mornings with Martyn. He's not so great with early mornings. 


The host of "Why is it only Taxi Drivers and Daily Express readers phone in" Martyn Norris.

Mystic Martyn, he believes he can see into your future, he can't obviously that would be impossable and it is quite obvious to us that he is cold reading people but he seems to believe.

The derange, paranoid presenter of "It's a Conspiracy" refused to have his picture taken as he thinks the "New World Order" are after him. We tracked him down to these woods but he does wear a lot of camouflage so can be difficult to find (although we think he lives in the housing estate behind these woods).


Meet our dedicated, motivated, cultured, youthful, experienced and generally beautiful staff. Everyone of them is the finest that we could find in their chosen field or so they told us.


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